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American Gold Cup

Old Salem Farm

Have you ever seen a Double Decker Tent!? The American Gold Cup is one of the most prestigious and iconic equestrian sporting events in the world of International Show Jumping. Old Salem Farm hosts this extraordinary event. Over a course of two weeks Old Salem Farm transforms their property to accommodate 100's of horses and 1000's of spectators. The Double Decker tent was the VIP tent for the sponsors and horse owner competing in the three day event. The first floor was open dining for breakfast and lunch and the upper level had private suites and artwork, for intimate viewing and private parties.

ESE designed the look for the three days inside the VIP Tent. Each look unique to the event but utilizing a consistent floral arrangement. One day was buffalo tan check paired with magenta rattan linen, next gold chevron print paired with walnut rattan. The last & biggest day, we wowed the guests with a blue Bali print & mango cloths. ESE also managed the rental requirements for the three days in the VIP Tent. Looking forward to this year!

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