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Great Gatsby Themed Fundraiser

Extravagent 20's themed benefit & auction at Rumsey Hall!

Photography credit: Phillip Dutton

The Roaring 20’s, an era of social, artistic and cultural dynamism. Jazz music was invented, a flapper became a modern womanhood and Art Deco peaked. When it became the theme of Rumsey Hall School’s Annual Auction, I couldn’t wait to jump in and start to design and transform their indoor tennis courts to be the venue. So much fun!

Utilizing the color palette of gold, black & white set the pace. We created the table’s centerpiece made out of large feather plumes with embellishment of beads and gold votives arranged in a vintage tall silver candelabras. Each place setting had a gold bead glass charger with black gold trimmed plates and a cookie of their school’s mascot. Tall black & white drapes surrounded the perimeter with gilded trimmed mirrors hung in-between. Guests had to part through a curtain of crystal beads to enter the dining room of the venue. The auction side staged an extraordinary bar which was illuminated with chandeliers inside. Guests were served with signature drinks of a Sidecar & Champagne. The ceiling of the courts were covered with yards of fabric swagged throughout. In-between the swags, crystal chandeliers were strategically placed to add the right illumination. The main stage had a backdrop of the event's logo. We worked consciously to keep costs down and maintain the esthetics needed to make the venue shine. We totally nailed it! A big thank you to Rumsey School for letting me be a part of it and to all the Mom volunteers who helped make the centerpieces with us. It was a well-attended event and an even more successfully fundraiser for the school

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