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Kristine & Matt

Averill Apple Orchard - Washington, CT

"Eileen coordinated our wedding and absolutely helped everything run smoothly and beautifully. We loved every minute of our wedding day. Eileen was in charge of timekeeping, directing the order of events, organizing everyone in the wedding party (8 bridesmaids, 8 groomsmen, a flower girl, and a ring bearer!), and coordinating and paying the vendors. She also went as far as making last minute decorations that really added to our theme. Dozens of our guests exclaimed that our wedding was the best they had ever attended and I know Eileen had a lot to do with that. Thanks Eileen!"   

- Kristine

A Labor of Love! So when your family has owned a Picturesque Apple orchard for over 200 years, it has to be the only place for Kristine & Matt to have their wedding. The family was very hands on in making this event happen. We came on board to tie it all together and make it run smoothly. They collected antique window frames, which hung from the side of the tent. Each pane showed an apple name in lieu of a table number. I created an entrance to embellish the picture frames with decor from their shop, hay bales and of course, apples! The ceremony had a handmade archway made as a gift for the couple from wood in their backyard. Guests sat on rows of hay bales covered with burlap. The cocktail tent was a colorful mosaic covering, shading a bar made with vintage cider barrels and planks of wood.  All of the floral arrangements were made from Kristine's Mom's pristine gardens. The tables were set in crisp white linen, classic for a summer wedding! Kristine and Matt, both Botanists, created a unique guest book.They asked guests to pick a flower, a blade of grass or leaf from the property which were then pressed between pages with a personalized note. It was a big hit. We had three flower presses created for them to view & read afterwards.


Beautiful pictures courtesy of Richportraits.

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